Kevin McLenithan is a writer and editor living in the Chicago area. A member of the Chicago Independent Film Critics Circle, he began working as a critic in 2009, when he served as a contributing writer for the Chicago International Film Festival. His writing has also appeared on Examiner; ThinkChristian; and Christ & Pop Culture, where he now works as a staff writer. In 2015 he coedited and contributed essays to Christ & Pop Culture Goes to the Movies, currently available on Amazon. As a professional opinion-haver, he plies his trade every week co-hosting the film and television podcast Seeing and Believing.

When not watching and writing about movies, Kevin spends his time reading books and being grouchy about the internet. His collection of books about Middle-earth is large enough that he can construct a good-sized fort out of them. He tweets about films, literature, and whatever other art happens to catch his fancy at @McLengthyName.